Research interests

A full list of previous works can be found on Google scholar and on arXiv. A concept map of recent interests is illustrated below. To learn more about each concept, head down to a collection of representative papers.

Representative papers on ...

Delicate topology: a new paradigm of crystalline topological matter. [2] Contrast with the more established notions of stable and fragile topology, with respective examples [3] and [4].

Topological principles in the transient and steady photovoltaic current. Here are two recorded talks, one from Daejeon and another from the Kavli Institute .

Foundational band theory: geometric Berry-phase properties of wave functions over momentum space are tied to localizability of wave functions over real space. [2]

Topo-fermiology: geometric-topological characterization of the Fermi surfaces of metals. [2]

Magnetic quantum effects: Landau quantization and magnetic-field induced tunneling in topological metals.

Topology in magnetic bandstructure: diabolical touchings between magnetic energy levels.

Phenomenology of topological materials: glide-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, magnetic quantum oscillations in thermodynamic/transport quantities, ultrasound absorption in metals.

Topology meets magnetism: quantized surface magnetism.

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