Group members

Aris grew up with five sisters in sunny Singapore, and is fascinated by unlikely connections between abstract algebraic topology and photovoltaic technology. In his pockets of spare spacetime, he wonders about mathematical logic, neuroscience and interpretations of quantum mechanics. He also spends an inordinate amount of time making cappuccinos and cultivating a meditative style of swimming.

Pavlo Sukhachov: My research focuses on exploring the theoretical aspects of novel topological and quantum materials. In my quest to uncover the role of topology in condensed matter physics, I have studied various systems ranging from Dirac and Weyl materials and electron hydrodynamics to unconventional superconductors and mesoscopic contacts. I am looking forward to extending my expertise to nonlinear responses and out-of-equilibrium systems.

Group openings

Why choose condensed matter theory in Santa Cruz

Condensed matter theory in the University of California Santa Cruz is represented by Profs. Aris Alexandradinata (myself), Sriram Shastry, Sergey Syzranov, with strengths in strongly correlated and topological quantum matter, disordered systems, and mesoscopics.

Research interests include the development of a new paradigm for topological metals/insulators, finding their material realizations, and identifying their unique phenomenology (e.g., electromagnetic quantum/semiclassical effects), with an eye toward device applications in sustainable technologies (e.g., photovoltaics). Other possible research directions include the interplay of topological matter with new forms of magnetism and high-magnetic-field superconductivity, electron hydrodynamics in solid-state systems, transport in high-temperature superconductors, and the physics of quantum spin liquids.

Students/postdocs will have the opportunity to collaborate with theoretical materials chemist Yuan Ping and condensed-matter experimental groups led by David Lederman, Arthur Ramirez, Jairo Velasco, and Aiming Yan, in the investigation of topological quantum and correlated materials. In addition, the Santa Cruz Materials Center offers further opportunities for inter-departmental collaborations between condensed-matter physicists and materials chemists.

Santa Cruz is a picturesque town on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, blessed with eternal spring-like weather, beautiful beaches, surf-world-renowned waves, and redwood-forested mountains. Hiking, biking, surfing, ocean swimming and general nature-loving are common past-times, not just for local residents but for a substantial proportion of Californians in the bay area. The town is within driving distance to the world's best aquarium, Silicon Valley and several renowned Universities (Stanford, Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara), making UCSC ideal for collaborations with other Condensed Matter groups, and for having a constant stream of renowned seminar/colloquium speakers.


My group has openings for undergraduate students, graduate students and postdocs. I recommend to look through my research interests and find some overlap with your own interests; subsequently, please email a research statement and C.V. to aalexan6 at ucsc dot edu.

Previous graduate students

Aleksandra Nelson: PhD thesis on "Delicate Topological Insulators: a New World of Phases between Trivial and Fragile" (co-supervised by Tomas Bzdusek); subsequent position as a postdoctoral fellow in the Center for Theoretical Biophysics at Rice University.

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